This demo shows a simple example of using FLEDGE to join ad interest groups on two advertiser sites, and then initiate an on-device auction to select an ad for display on a publisher site.

1. Run Chrome from the command line with flags

You will need to use Chrome 96 or above run from the command line with the following flags.

Using <fencedframe> to render ads:


Using <iframe> to render ads:

--enable-features=InterestGroupStorage,AdInterestGroupAPI,Fledge,AllowURNsInIframes --disable-features=FencedFrames

2. Run the demo

  1. Visit both of the demo advertiser sites:

    navigator.joinAdInterestGroup() is called on each of these sites, to ask the browser to add an interest group to the groups it is a member of.

    In a real-world implementation, this code is likely to be run by an advertiser's adtech platform or the advertiser itself. In this demo, the code is run from dsp/joinAdInterestGroup.js running in an iframe at dsp/joinAdInterestGroup.html.

  2. Visit the demo publisher site:

Troubleshoot the demo

If the demo doesn't work as expected, make sure of the following:

View source code

Code for this demo at github.com/JackJey/fledge-demo.

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